Should I trust Non-prescription stimulants for ADHD?

By | August 16, 2014

Attentive deficit hyperactivity disorder is a common problem in children and adult. It is kind of behavioral disorder which is now experienced in number of people, but it is not that disorder which cannot be cured, because it has solutions for treating with a combination of ADHD drugs and therapy. In fact, you can find number of ADHD drugs of different types which are effective in treating the problem and there are various medications too. Some of them cannot take prescriptions stimulants for treating ADHD conditions because of certain side effects, thus it is advised to go with a non-prescription stimulant for ADHD symptoms.

Non-prescription options for treating ADHD

There are certain natural methods that can be used for treating your ADHD symptoms in a great way. The first one is coffee, it works well for anyone. It makes the mind to stay focused and provides the brain to be concentrated on task. It is also good to avoid coffee taking at late nights because you may be awake for long time. Other option would be to exercise, well, when you exercise yourself you have a natural stimulant benefits because has you make efforts and your energy levels comes down by making you to stay focused and concentrated on any task. Let us move on to other option, your brain will get right neurotransmitters when you get adequate proteins that are mainly found in fish, beef and other vegetarian foods. If you follow such diet, you can make your mind to be focused. You will make your mind concentrated on any task when you have right level of chemicals flowed to the brain.
Stimulants drugs for ADHD

Should I trust Non-prescription stimulants for ADHD
Most of them give advice to take prescribed ADHD drugs, because they work efficiently with great results. These stimulants aim at increasing the neurotransmitter chemicals of the brain and keep the person focused. There are various such medications which are approved to treat ADHD symptoms. So, for this you need to contact a doctor for getting a prescribed medication and find adequate results. Some common prescribed ADHD drugs are Adderall, Dexedrine, Concerta, Daytrana, Mehylin, Ritalin and many more. All these medications can help in managing with the ADHD symptoms like inattention and hyperactivity. Use the medication accordingly as prescribed by the doctor to obtain best results.

Non stimulant drugs

You can also find various non-stimulant medications to treat such problems. Such kind of medications is given to those who cannot bear stimulant medications. Strattera is a non-stimulant drug which provides good results that too in one day. This medication is also good to battle depression and considered to be a feasible option for those who had ADHD. Using this medication, people may experience certain side effects like headache, irritability, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting.
So, it is recommended to get perfect advice from your health care practitioner to treat ADHD levels. Every drug contains side effects by using it, so when you avoid those you can treat your problems in a better way.

The Main differences between ADHD and Autism

By | June 6, 2014

Children can develop any kind of disorders these days, but it is very difficult to judge the difference between odd behavior and neurological disorder in them. In those days, finding out such things was a crucial issue. Fact is that, there are various disorders that complement with ADHD from the pre-schooling years itself. Children may have common learning disabilities, but these disorders will be noticeable in different ways. One thing which is clear is that children who have ADHD symptoms and autism will react differently. So, let us know the differences of both.

What exactly is ADHD and Autism?

ADHD and Autism

ADHD is commonly known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which is a neurobehavioral disorder, and it makes tough for the victim to stay focused, listen to direction and stay organized. They normally have impulsivity, inattentiveness and hyperactivity. Autism is a disorder that mainly affects the person’s communication and interaction aspect. Both the problems have some common issues and that are- social interactions; inability to stay focused and difficult to find directions.

The difference between ADHD and autism

People with ADHD have some communication difficulties and some grasping problems and those who have autism will have more significant difficulties in communication and the child may experience great challenge in developing right facial expressions, deciphering body language, sarcasm, tone of voice and other non-verbal communication problems.

Kids who have autism may have lack of theory of mind which means ability to recognize other people state of mind that means the intentions, feeling and thoughts of others. People with ADHD lack will have empathy at times.

Kids with ADHD experience problems with social skills and are manageable to work with normal children than with a kid who is suffering with autism. Social interaction skills include joint attention, a desire to share and eye contact. Kids with autism will have difficulties in looking into someone’s eye because of discomfort, which ultimately loses the social cues. They have difficulties in pointing out or sharing something. Kids with autism may not be in a position to be attentive in tracking eye moments, gestures and pointing by other people.

Diagnosis and treatment

To find the core reason for your child’s problem it is better to get complete diagnosis and seek help from a professional who can look into both conditions. There are certain test measures which will list out ADHD symptoms and autism by looking into executive functions, depression levels, communication delays, social response, anxiety and other symptoms. A doctor should get full information on kid’s conversational abilities and social abilities. The result of such condition may be out of digestive tract changes, sensitivity to vaccinations, food intolerances, extreme stress, cordless phones, and electromagnetic pollution from phones and medications.

Though, the causes for ADHD and autism may be anything, but the treatment should be chosen perfectly. Therapists find that brain integration therapies reflexes to stimulate brain and increases attention power, improves coordination and balances their mind; thus they will be in a position to focus on their behavior. So, if you find your child suffering with any behavioral changes, then right away take him/her to a health care provider who can recognizes your child’s condition in a perfect way.

The best over the counter Adderall substitutes

By | April 5, 2014

There are many people who think they could get adequate results with the use of Adderall for treating ADHD. Adderall is combined with a mixture of various amphetamine salts which mainly helps in treating ADHD and narcolepsy. Adderall mainly works as a perfect stimulant showing results on central nervous system and regulates the chemicals in the brain. The Adderall chemicals mainly affect the brain circuit pleasure. For proper functioning of the brain there are two tasks which includes clearing of excess dopamine and release of dopamine. Adderall have the effects to release the dopamine and essentially blocks the reuptake which in result hits the pleasure of brain. But, there are numerous alternatives for adderall, and you can certainly consider one of them to replace with adderall. So, read this article to know more about over the counter Adderall substitutes.

Alternatives to OTC Adderall

People choose alternatives to Adderall because usage of this drug results in high risk side effects. The main reasons for it are that when a person uses this drug for long time it causes an addiction. It makes the person to take double doses to get the same satisfaction that were obtained from a single dose. When you decide to stop taking the drug, it can lead to painful crash as it builds a tolerance. It is not advised to take Adderall without prescription. As it contains various risks there are lots of over the counter Adderall substitutes that are created for treating ADHD symptoms.

Doxiderol is a stimulant that is formulated with brain boosting ingredients of a high quality and helps in providing great benefits to the user as a good alternative for Adderall. By the usage of this drug, a person can get long and short term benefits. Within a span of 15 minutes a person would get adequate results in stimulation of brain and along with that he or she will also have the feeling of alertness. The ingredients like Vinpocetine and Acetyl-L-Carnitine helps in improving the blood flow and flow of oxygen to your brain by improving mental ability and increases energy production. With the regular use of this drug, you will be experiencing long term benefits like B vitamin complex and Acetyl-L-Carnitine.

Not only Doxiderol, there are other alternatives to Adderall too which can show great results on the user. The common benefits of using Doxiderol are it starts working within 20 minutes of usage, the ingredients which are there in this drug help to improve attention span. This will also help in generating intense energy and helps in enhancing focus and improves memory. It is also considered to be a natural Adderall alternative. It helps in increasing alertness and reduces stress levels. This drug makes use of natural herbs like Vinpocetine and Bacopa.

Thus, Doxiderol is considered to be a safe and effective memory supplement by improving short term memory skills and even reduces mental stress and helps the person to be focused and face any kind of challenges. So, you can easily get over the counter Adderall substitutes with a great price and perfect results.

Getting Study Aid Supplements Online

By | February 5, 2014

Supplementation has always been the best natural way to attain minimal concentration level for studying in a perfected manner. Then, does this mean that study aid supplements are essential for everyone? Well, that’s not true; the mental and the neurological conditions differ from person to person. For instance, a person may have a strong memory during his college life but when he grows old he tends to forget things, due to lack in concentration and memory power; but when a child suffers from neurological disorder like ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or Autism then it is important to give them the required supplements so that their brain can function in a stable manner.

What Are the Best Study Aid Supplements Found Online?

Getting Study Aid Supplements Online

There are many natural supplements that can be discovered in the online world, the best thing about these supplements is that unlike the conventional drugs that are used for treating ADHD and Autism these supplements do not have any type of adverse side effects.

  • Vitamin B6 Supplements: This is one of the renowned supplement that works on enhancing the central nervous system of the so that individuals can increase their mental power and concentration level. Moreover, with ample amount of B6 the brain can produce sufficient cerebral friendly chemicals such as serotonin norepinephrine and dopamine. There certain researches that have indicated that supplements of Vitamin B6 is much more effective than Ritalin (common stimulant used as ADHD drug). But, high dosage of vitamin B6 can be harmful for the body.
  • Iron Supplements: Iron is the reckoned to be the king of study aid supplements. This is because, iron which forms the core structure of hemoglobin increases the blood flow across the brain, allowing the brain to get optimal amount of oxygenated blood for proper functioning.
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids Supplements: Omega 3 Fatty acid is a common compound that forms the fat of fish. This is known to be a brain food that feeds your brain with DHA and EPA so that you can have an improved brain to study properly. Along with that Omega 3 even interacts with the behavioral pattern of the brain and hence is denoted as mood enhancers too.
  • Panax Ginseng: This is an herbal Asian Ginseng that is mostly found in China. The medicinal properties of this herbal plant was first discovered by the Chinese and later adopted all across the globe. With the help of Panax Ginseng one can have improved memory power allowing you to remember everything that you are going to read. It even acts as an energy supplement too, so that you will never fall out of energy while studying.

Find the best study aid supplements online today

There are a plethora of versatile supplements that can be discovered in the online market. The best thing is that one can find these type of supplements from their official website with a money back guarantee where the consumers can get a refund if they are not satisfied with the results of the supplements.       

Don’t be Confused- Addrena Is the Same Thing as Adderllin

By | August 9, 2013

Few months ago, a brand new natural nootropic dietary supplement was launched in the market. This supplement was packed with many amazing ingredients and had the ability to reenergize the body, reduce body fat and improve the focus and concentration of the brain, and this supplement was Addrena. Now, Addrena evolved to be the only natural stimulant to fight against ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) but this OTC substitute is not brand new supplement rather the old Adderllin is renamed as Addrena. This means that the chemical compositions of both the drugs are just the same, only now the supplement has a new name.

Addrena and Adderllin Both Are Adderall Alternatives

Addrena Is the Same Thing as Adderllin

As mentioned earlier, there is no such change found in the ingredients that are used in the making of Addrena and that typically portrays that both the old and the new version Addrena is the best natural Adderall alternative that can be explored in the market today. Some of the common ingredients that amalgamate to form the versatile Addrena pills are:

  • Citrus Aurantium: This is a common chemical compound that is found in bitter citrus fruits like orange, grape fruit and lemon. It is a versatile ingredient that stimulates the production of hormones like adrenal and even helps in reducing the body fat. It has a strong stimulant effect and is best for those who need a supplement that can allow them to gain concentration and lose weight at the same time.
  • Acetyl-L- Carnitine (ALCAR): This compound interacts with the behavioral patterns of the brain, and helps curing certain behavior related problems like inattentiveness, hyperactivity, depression and stress too. So this is the key ingredient that makes Addrena a natural focus pill that helps your brain to work in an efficient manner.
  • Caffeine: We all know that caffeine is an amazing energy booster, but another hidden quality of this magical ingredient is that it’s a great appetite suppressant too that, tremendously decreases your appetite so that you can lose your weight without any difficulties.
  • Vitamin B3: This is powerful drug that is only sold with prescription but when you purchase Addrena then you can get it without a prescription too. Being a powerful drug the makers have limited its use to the minimal level, as high dosage of Vitamin B3 can cause side effects like nausea, stomach ache and headache too.
  • Piperine: This is not quite a popular ingredient but it’s encapsulated with many magical properties. Now, Piperine which is the vital component of black pepper is a great cognitive enhancer that increases the chemical absorption rate of the brain.

Bottom Line- Both Are the Same

At last, it can be concluded that Addrena and Adderllin are just the same. The developers of this supplement have only changed its name a few months ago and re-launched it in a brand new avatar with a brand new name, but the chemicals that are present in those pills are still what they were before, 100% natural and 100% safe.